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Thank you for your interest in my photography! I am a self taught photographer living in the green mountains of Central Vermont.

  As with many photographers these days I first picked up a camera with absolutely no intention of becoming a photographer. Initially, I fell into the role of "photographer'' (A.K.A. the only guy with a camera) for an outdoor adventure company specializing in offroading in the Texas Hill Country.  In that role I found that I truly enjoyed capturing the excitement experienced by people as they went out on their guided adventures.  I started to truly embrace photography and as I did I started to learn a few things. I learned subtle ways that I could make the images I made better. With that, the making of these images became an intellectual pursuit. That was all well in good and certainly set the stage for my love of photography in the future, but at that point it was not yet an avenue for creative self expression.  That, as it were, came when I moved from Texas to Vermont in 2016.

With the change of scene came a change in circumstances. I was no longer going out offroading every weekend, but I still had a camera that I had grown fond of using. At that point I started exploring photography for photography’s sake. I immersed myself in the world of nature and landscape photography. I indulged in current and past photographer’s work. I bought books, did workshops and listened to countless tutorials. All that, coupled with a wonderful new state to explore, and I was hooked.

My journey through photography as a creative pursuit has been dynamic. I truly love and am influenced by nearly all forms of photography. This very much informs my current work which you may find somewhat difficult to put in a tidy descriptive box. That said, there are some overarching themes to my work. I tend to favor minimalist compositions and to gravitate towards smaller scenes  highlighting the beauty that lies in that which is seen but unnoticed. I seek to portray common things in beautiful and unique ways. To that end, I will often produce images that are abstract, soft,  and with obscured subjects or indeed with no particular subject at all. In the end, I hope to open the natural world to you and to inspire curiosity and an appreciation for the beauty that awaits us outside.

Thank you again for your interest in my photography, I hope you enjoy your time here.

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