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Thank you for your interest in my photography! I am a self taught photographer living in the green mountains of Central Vermont.

While there is no official sub-genre for "rural photography"  I think it's what best describes my work.  My photography contains a mix of both natural and human influenced landscapes.  Animals are very much a part of the rural landscape so you will find that they are the primary subject matter of many of my photographs.  Stylistically you'll find my photographs to be relatively uncomplicated. I favor simple compositions with clearly defined subjects. While not ardently adhered to at all times, minimalism is an overarching theme to my work. 

Where did this all begin? Oddly enough, in Texas. During my time in the U.S. Army when I was stationed in San Antonio, TX I was (and still am) part of a Jeep club that hosted off-roading events and classes in the Hill Country of Central Texas. I started doing photography for that group to document these events, and that eventually sparked the passion and interest I have for photography. 

I continued honing my craft behind the camera after leaving the military and moving to Vermont. In fact, it was in Vermont that my passion for photography truly blossomed. With camera in hand, I started wandering the state's backroads and small towns photographing the beauty of the state's natural landscape - both human influenced and untouched. It is my sincere hope that my efforts truly portray Vermont as I see it: a welcoming culture, deeply rooted in agrarian traditions,  with breathtaking mountain ranges, quaint small towns, winding dirt roads and an indomitable  people who have cultivated a living here for generations.     

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